By making a reservation and renting an apartment, you confirm that you have read the rental conditions and agree to abide by them. We will be happy to answer any further questions, you can contact us by email rent@loistawahomes.com  or call us Katariina +34663567381



A booking confirmation is an agreement confirming the rental between the tenant and the house owner. The contract is binding and applies to the persons named in the contract and to a separately defined property. The agreement defines the equipment and possible additional services in connection with the rental. Only the persons mentioned in the booking confirmation are allowed to stay in the rented property.


For short-term rentals, the price includes electricity, water, internet and gas. For short term rentals of villas, houses and semi-detached houses, electricity (estimated at around 0,20€ - 0,40€/kWh) is added to the price depending on consumption. Final cleaning must be included in every rental, the price of which will be indicated in the property presentation


Long-term rental if the reservation is for a month or more. Water is added to the long-term rent 19 €/month, internet is estimated to be about 49 €/month, electricity and gas are charged according to consumption. Final cleaning will be charged to the deposit. The rent can be paid at once or, if desired, in advance once a month. The dates of reservation and rent payment are indicated in writing in the contract.

The individual service fee for long-term rentals is as follows:

For a one (1) month rental, the service charge is 25% of the one month rental.

For rentals of less than (3) months, the service charge is 50% of one month's rent.

For rentals over (4) months, the service charge is 100% of the one month's rent.


Pets may be brought into the apartment only in apartments where this is specifically mentioned in the apartment presentation and even then only for one pet. When making a reservation, it is necessary to indicate if there are pets and if there is more than one (1), to contact the rental agent. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by the pet to the property or furnishings and in the event of any damage, the homeowner will determine the amount of the damage.


Smoking is only allowed outdoors, but the owner may choose not to allow smoking on the terrace. Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited. If the tenant does not respect the smoking rule mentioned in the rental conditions, he/she will be obliged to pay for the cleaning costs and for any damage to furniture or other movable property or for the smell. The amount of the damage will be determined by the owner.


The apartments are always rented checked and cleaned by a professional. In addition to the rent, a final cleaning fee will be charged (the amount will always be indicated before booking). However, the tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the apartment during the tenancy and for leaving the apartment in a state of cleanliness equivalent to the normal standard of cleanliness when handing it over. Otherwise, the tenant will be charged for any special cleaning costs from the deposit. The final cleaning does not include the washing up of dishes or the removal of the client's rubbish and the cleaning of the barbecue, for example, is the responsibility of the client. Washing up of dishes is charged at a extra of €30-50 of the deposit. For special cleaning, we charge an extra (20€/hour) + any additional laundry costs, carpets, mattresses, curtains, etc.


The tenant is self-responsible for any damage, lost items or broken stuff caused by him/her during the rental. Any damage must be reported immediately to the rental agent. The obligation to notify also applies to damage beyond the customer's control, such as: pipe leak, electrical/equipment failure, etc. All damage will be repaired as soon as possible, within a reasonable time. If the tenant has not reported the damage on the date of departure the damage will be paid to the tenant himself/herself, for example, by withholding an amount corresponding to the amount of the damage from the security deposit or, if necessary, by collecting compensation corresponding to the damage in some other way. Neither Loistawa Homes S.L. nor the owner of the apartment is responsible / insured for the tenants or their property during the rental.


The rent and any additional services such as cleaning fees are payable directly into the account of Loistawa Homes S.L. by the due date stated in the booking confirmation. Other payment terms will be agreed separately. The costs included in the rent are case specific and are indicated separately in the property description. For long term rentals, electricity will be charged according to the tenant's consumption (estimated at around € 0,20 - € 0,40 per kWh), unless electricity is included in the rent. In case of misuse, the tenant is liable for compensation.


The tenant pays a reservation fee, the amount of which is determined by the total amount of the rental. The reservation fee must be paid within one week of the reservation being made, only then is the reservation confirmed. The booking fee is also the deposit and is payable at the time of booking (see point 2) Short-term rentals: the deposit is refunded to your account within 14 days of the end of the rental period, after our representative has inspected the accommodation (see point 3) Long-term rentals: the deposit is reduced by the last electricity bill and the balance is refunded to your account no later than 30 days after the end of the rental period. NOTE! The Spanish bank will not show the account number of the payer, to return the deposit please send us by email: name and account number of the account holder to rent@loistawahomes.com ! If necessary Loistawa Homes S.L. can withhold part or all of the deposit if the tenant has failed to take care of the condition or cleanliness of the apartment.


In case of complaints, please send a email rent@loistawahomes.com, response time 3-5 working days. If the tenant notices deficiencies in cleaning or anywhere, these must be reported to the rental agent immediately after detecting the defect/error. Construction/repair/street work outside the apartment that causes possible noise nuisance or outages, as well as common areas of the housing company (spa, yard area, elevator, sauna, roof terrace, swimming pool, children's playground, staircase, garage, etc.) The condition or any maintenance work carried out on them is not the responsibility of the house owner or rental agent and does not entitle the tenant to compensation. We will always notify you of any renovations or changes in the opening hours of the swimming pools if we become aware of them.


In case of cancellation of the reservation, Loistawa Homes S.L. has the right to retain the reservation fee / deposit received. We recommend that you contact your insurance company regarding any cancellations. In the event of cancellation due to reasons attributable to the customer, the booking fee paid, i.e. the deposit, will not be refunded to the customer. In case of the client is not entitled to a refund, you should contact your own insurance company for a refund. It is not possible to postpone the date of the reservation or if the client interrupts the rental contract (these will be treated as cancellations). Once paid, the booking fee cannot therefore be carried over to any future bookings. If the client cancels the reservation less than 1 month (30 days) before the agreed start of the rental contract, Loistawa Homes S.L. is entitled to charge the first month's rent. If, for reasons beyond the control of Loistawa Homes S.L., the apartment booked by the customer is not available, we will endeavour to offer the customer an apartment of the same type and price. However, if this is not possible, the reservation will be cancelled and the full amount of the reservation fee will be refunded to the customer.


We follow the international practice of handing over apartments/villas at 16:00 on the day of arrival and 12:00 on the day of departure. Any other arrival and departure times will be agreed in writing in advance. The property must correspond to the arrival date in terms of movables, property and yard at the time of handover. For lost keys we always charge 150 EUR. For opening doors outside the entry situation we charge 50 EUR during the day (8:00-20:00) and 100 EUR at other times plus a possible locksmith charge if necessary. If the rental property does not meet expectations, any shortcomings in fittings or cleaning must be reported to Loistawa Homes S.L. immediately upon discovery of the fault. If the tenant fails to comply with the obligation to notify, Loistawa Homes S.L. will not be held responsible for any shortcomings or defects.


Loistawa Homes S.L. will not compensate for "Force majeure" situations (cancellation due to force majeure) affecting the rental.


Rental agents shall not be liable for any damage or additional costs arising from typographical, technical or translation errors. NOTE! Always check the agreement.


We wish you a lovely holiday!