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Ojén is a municipality located in the province of Málaga, in the region of Andalusia, Spain. It is situated in the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, about 10 kilometers inland from the coastal town of Marbella. Ojén is known for its beautiful natural surroundings, picturesque white-washed houses, and traditional Andalusian charm.
The property market in Ojén is characterized by its rural and peaceful setting. The town offers a mix of properties, including traditional village houses, country cottages, and rural estates. Many of these properties boast stunning views of the mountains and countryside.
Ojén's property market is relatively smaller compared to larger coastal towns and cities in the region. It attracts buyers looking for a tranquil and authentic Andalusian lifestyle away from the bustling coastal areas. Ojén's proximity to Marbella and the Costa del Sol also makes it an attractive option for those seeking a rural retreat within easy reach of amenities and services. Ojén is a hidden gem in Southern Spain!

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