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Privacy policy – Loistawa Homes S.L / Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV

1 Introduction

Our customers personal data’s cautious and careful handling is very important for us in Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L. We handle your personal data following the privacy policy legislation and practice professional information management and processing methods. We use your information to deliver services and information, for personalization, contract creating, customer service and marketing.  

In this document we describe how your personal data will be used in Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L operations. The document is also a legal privacy policy document of the company’s customer register.

This document only concerns personal data processing within Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L and not the third-party data processing who the company hands over personal data during business activities (for example a collaborator operating in Spain to arrange a showing for an apartment or to register a client with necessary information to a certain property) Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L has no control over this kind of independent registrars’ actions (for example, constructors or other real estate agencies) That is why registered persons are recommended to familiarize themselves with the data processing principles of these kind of third parties. 

2. How is your personal data processed in Loistawa Homes S.L

Loistawa Homes S.L is a private real estate agency operating in Spain, which operates in franchise principle using a brand name of a Finnish Lomakoti Ulkomailta LKV. The brand name is owned by Loistawa Suomi Oy. We conduct buying orders, selling orders, sell and market properties abroad under auxiliary business name Lomakoti Ulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV.

The information in the customer register of the main company Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV is in the use of the brand name user Loistawa Home S.L. In principle, the information is processed using the guides and regulations set by Lomakotiulkomailta LKV, for example, regarding to sending information about a property, client registration to properties in connection to showing properties for clients, creating contracts, during processing of personal data within marketing operations and sales.


3 Registrar and registrars contact information

Loistawa Suomi OY (Business ID 2228652-1) Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV
Hitsaajankatu 6, 00810 Helsinki
00810 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 40 560 23 15

Minna Laine, (data protection officer)


4   Collected personal data and the purpose

Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L uses personal data for purposes of customership or other relation comparable to customership, to take care, improve and analyze the customership. Customer data is also used for direct marketing, which can be done through electronic channels or by contacting directly to the customer, for example via telephone.

Personal data is also being processed by companies using the same brand name Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L abroad for marketing purposes and to handle customership or other relation comparable to customership, to take care, improve and analyze it.

The direct marketing can also be carried out electronically. Information content, communication, services, offers or other marketing communication offered to the registered person can be targeted and modified more interesting towards the registered person according to the interests, actions and created profiles of the person with information inside and outside of the register.

5 The legal basis of the processing and Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä
LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L legitimate rights

Our company has a right to process information about the customers due to following justifications:

  1. The consent of the customer by, for example, contacting the company by himself
  2. The customer has announced to be willing to receive direct electronical marketing by, for example, giving permissions for direct marketing
  3. For implementing a contract, the client’s information is necessary for creating a contract.
  4. Legitimate right; Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä/Loistawa Homes S.L has a legitimate right to handle customer data when the registered person gives for example sales commission to sell a property in Spain, is a party or has a share in a deal, is the person creating a quote or has another contract which is related to a sales assignment managed by the real estate company or uses our company’s services, such as sets a search watch in different portals.

6         Personal data groups

In Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä/Loistawa Homes S.L customer register the following data groups may be processed:

Basic information such as

  • Names
  • Contact information (post addresses, phone numbers, email addresses)
  • Personal identification number (SSN, DNI, NIE) if the identification of the client is necessary in order to carry out the rights and obligations of the registered person or the registrant.
  • Citizenship
  • Language
  • Registered person’s data concerning the employer, position or task in a community when representing a community. 

6a   Cookies

We use cookies in order to improve the user experience on our web services, follow the use of our websites and to improve the quality of our services. The cookies ensure that we can, for example, remember your language settings on our web services, so you don’t have to choose the language settings over again when visiting our websites. In other words, we can improve the content and functionality of our web services and fix possible issues. We use cookies also to target our marketing by customer segments to be able to provide as interesting content as possible for you. Additionally, we measure the attractiveness of our services and websites.

The data we collect with cookies are for example:

  • IP-address
  • The browser and device type
  • Browsing country

With the cookie data we cannot personalize you and we do not connect the cookie data to other personal information possibly collected in another context.

Please review our cookie policy here

You can also change your cookie settings from the "Cookies" link at the bottom of the page. The cookie settings are valid for 12 months, after which consent is requested again.

7   The information related to sales assignment and it’s managing such as

  • The date of receiving the sales assignment and the duration
  • The content and conditions of the sales assignment, such as the conditions of planned marketing, selling price and amount of commission of the property
  • The information about the assigned property
  • Other information given during assigning the sales assignment.
  • The information concerning the management of the sales assignment and the bids and their content (for example, the person doing the buying or selling bid and the conditions) received by the company
  • The information concerning a deal according to the sales assignment or another contract such as the names of the parties, the object of the contract, the purchase price, commission and other conditions of the contract
  • Required information of the money laundering law, such as the identification data, for example, a copy of an identity documentation or the information marked to the identity documentation, the information if the person, a family member of the person or a partner of the person is or has been politically influential and the actual information of the person gaining the interest.

Other information regarding the customership or other businesslike connection such as

  • The beginning and ending information of customership or other businesslike connection.
  • The preferences, such as the price, location, and other wishes or request to show a property provided by the registered person
  • Reclamations, feedback and other communication and actions including saved phone calls related to the customership or other businesslike connection.
  • Marketing actions, targeted to the registered person, the use of them and information given during the marketing.
  • Direct marketing permissions and restrictions
  • Information of the changes of the information listed above


7a Information regarding a purchase intention

 In Spanish real estate business, the customer informs the interest information towards a country, area, price of a property being searched and other preferences. This information is also being registered in the same way as the customer segments mentioned in the section 6 to be able to provide services in the target country.

8 Target, purpose and the duration of the processing of personal information

The personal data is being collected from the registered person for example, while using registrant’s services such as using the websites or when the customer contacts our company by himself or signs up to an event arranged by our company.

The personal data can be handed over within the limits imposed and obligated by laws valid at the given time

Personal data may be disclosed at any given time within the limits permitted and mandated by current legislation. Loistawa Homes S.L needs the information in order to carry out real estate business, to handle personal data to manage, treat, improve and analyze the customership and other businesslike connections including customer communication, notary and authoritative co-operation.

Lomakoti ulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L Homes may transfer the information in the register to its own direct marketing registers after the customership or other businesslike connection has ended.

Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L stores the personal data as long as it is necessary from the customership point of view. In case the personal data is connected to a commission, the data is stored as long as it is necessary in the point of view of the responsibilities of the commission. The duration of storing a single piece of information is defined by the applicable law or by other basis.

Other personal data is being stored until active customership ends. Property buying process from the decision to the purchase may easily last several years. The customership does not always end to the purchase and the customer may need help with practicalities within other country. Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L defines the active customership by for example, on the basis of contacting and communication of the customer and mainly the customership is considered to have ended 3 years after the final contact with the customer. Non-active personal data is being checked manually in connection with regular updates. In case the customership has been lost or the customer announces that his data must be removed, it will be done immediately after the request. 

9 Information security

All the databases related to the register are being protected by firewalls, passwords and by other technical means against external data breaches.

access to the register is restricted to the people to whom the access to the data within the register is necessary in order to implement the intended use of the register or in order to perform work related tasks.

10 The rights of the registered person

The registered person has always the right to receive a confirmation of his data being processed or not being processed and also a copy of his personal data being processed from Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L.

If the registered person requests several copies, a reasonable fee may be charged. If the registered person provides the request in electronical form, the company will deliver the information in a commonly used electronical form, unless the registered person requests otherwise.

The registered person has also a right to ask Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L homes to correct, remove or restrict the personal data and its usage or oppose this kind of processing. The registered person has always right to oppose the processing of personal data for the purposes of direct marketing.

All the requests in this section must be provided to the collaborator mentioned above.

In case Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L processes the registered person’s personal data based on consent, the registered person has always the right to revoke the consent.

The registered person has always the right to make a complaint of the data processing of Lomakoti ulkomailta LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L to a supervisory authority.

In Spain the supervisory authority is a data protection Supervisor, whose website is    

In Finland the supervisory authority is a data protection Supervisor, whose website is


11 Legal or contractual requirements

Providing necessary personal data is a prerequisite to use the services. In case the registered person does not provide Lomakotiulkomailta kiinteistönvälitystä LKV/Loistawa Homes S.L personal data (for example, email address in order to download material or search watch) required in a single service, the registered person cannot use the service.

In certain cases, the collection of personal data can be based directly to law (for example, the law concerning the prevention of money laundering). In these cases, if the registered person refuses to provide personal information, the behavior may prevent providing services to the registered person.