Property Inspections

The best way to fulfill your dream is to book a property inspection trip with us. When you are looking for a holiday home, villa, and permanent home or investments, on the property inspection trip we will help you to discover the best location, highest quality as well as the best price according to your wishes.

During the property inspection trip you will have an opportunity to inspect properties of your choice as well as facilities, the surroundings and the community of those properties. This is the best way to get answers for all those little questions, get detailed information and discuss with your personal advisor about anything on your mind. We organise private inspections and the transportation.

If required, we will organise a complimentary initial consultation with an advocate.

We recommend that you would book your own flights and would notify us of your schedule. If needed, we will assist you with your accommodation and offer a pickup service.

If you are currently residing in the destination, you can also contact us and we will organise location specific inspections on properties of your interest.

It is good to reserve 3-4 days for the property inspection trip, as we will go through approximately 5-10 properties per day. In order for us to find your dream property advise us more about your requirements. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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